YouTube Channel

Last Lodge Media is excited to announce the opening of its YouTube channel on March 1!

As you’ve probably guessed from every square inch of this website, the channel is going to be based around horror stories. It will include narrations, immersive videos, YouTube Shorts, experimental horror, and a wide variety of other horror offerings.

The best part? All of the content is exclusive. It’s all being created by acclaimed horror authors William Rayne and Tim Sprague. They will be releasing regular content updates so that there’s always something new to see.

As a sneak peak, we’re putting up a microhorror on the channel every day until March 1. You can check these out at the channel at Be sure to like, share, and subscribe! Um, in the normal way, not in the way that the microhorror of the same name suggests.

Be sure to sign up for updates and follow us on Twitter at for updates as they come!

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