Lamplight Woods: Family Business

A full-length novel!

Sixteen years ago, Michael Dyer left the small town of Lamplight Woods with his infant daughter Sarah after a horrible event resulted in the death of her mother. When he receives word that his father Gerald has passed away, they are forced to return to the town they thought they would never have to see again.

Lamplight Woods isn’t a typical town, however. It has more than its share of secrets lurking in the shadows. It is home to the strange and paranormal, both good and evil. For decades the Dyers have been the town’s caretakers, working to protect the residents from the things that go bump in the night. With Gerald Dyer dead and Michael not wanting anything to do with the family business, Lamplight Woods suddenly finds itself the most vulnerable that it’s ever been.

Someone is taking advantage of this vulnerability. Children have started disappearing in the night, and new terrors are stalking the town residents. Michael is drawn into the investigation, and as he races against the clock to find the missing children before they meet a fate far worse than death, he quickly learns that some things refuse to stay in the past.

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