A Message to Everyone


The holidays are in full swing here at the Sprague house, and between two young children bouncing off the walls excitedly and two teenagers trying hard not to be excited for anything, it’s never boring around here.

I have a rare moment of quiet currently, and I want to use it to wish everyone happy holidays. I truly hope that you and yours are happy and healthier now and in the future.

To everyone that has been a part of this year’s journey with me as a reader, a fellow writer, a narrator, a content creator, a critic, a well-wisher, or simply a site visitor, thank you. From a writing perspective this has been the best year I’ve ever had, and it’s completely thanks to you folks. For that, I can never thank you enough.

I can only hope that next year is just as great, and that you continue to join me on this wild ride.

I’ll be continuing to post content through the holidays, both for the Underlayers and in general. I hope that you’ll enjoy it. There will even be a Christmas appearance of a certain flexible monster from Nighty Night.

Again, thank you to everyone for everything this year, and have a fantastic holiday season.

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