The Great Experiment Comes to an End

First things first, happy Halloween to everyone!

Not to sound like a cliché, but I can’t believe that October is already coming to an end. I have absolutely no idea where this month went. Quite the ‘here one minute, gone the next’ scenario.

This was, by far, my biggest month in terms of content creation. I just ran the math, and it ended up being the following:

31 Microhorror Stories
4 Short Stories

Huh, that doesn’t look nearly as impressive when it’s written out as I hoped that it would. Hold on, let me work with it for a second.

31 Daily Microhorror Stories
4 Short Stories published across multiple platforms, including audio narration by content creators

There! It means the exact same thing as the first listing, but man, those numbers look a lot more impressive. Smoke and mirrors, baby, smoke and mirrors!

For everyone that kept coming back for more during October, I thank you wholeheartedly. I hope that I’ve kept you entertained.

So here’s the question that I’ve been asking myself the last few days: where the hell do I go from here? I’ve got a number of things that I’m working on for December, but not much for November.

I think the answer to my question is to relax a bit, drop the amount of work done during the month, and have some fun with the writing that I do.

I’ve been wanting to write some more humorous horror stories, so it feels like that this is the perfect time to do so. It’s also been a while since I’ve done anything really, I dunno, experimental with a story.

To put it bluntly, the reason for that is the experimental stuff doesn’t tend to perform as well as the more traditional horror. One of my favorite stories that I’ve ever written is called A House. It’s available in my Nightmares We Share anthology on Amazon (cheap plug), and it revolves around a house where a horrific series of paranormal murders have taken place. It’s told in a much different way than any of my other stories, and I think it’s some of my best work.

It got curbstomped when it was submitted to It was a harsh lesson about how different audiences require different stories. I wouldn’t say that I’ve played it safe since then, as stories like The Devil’s Tone and The Suicide Engineer have switched around not only topics but formats. If I’m being honest, though, I haven’t really gone all-out mad scientist with a story since then.

With November being a slower month, maybe it’s time to take off the gloves and get weird again.

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